Ultimo provides ultimate sourcing and buying solutions in Turkey and the neighboring countries, offering a wide range of services for a variety of customers.

The company culture is based on focused energy, proactive and innovative approach towards all issues to the best interest of its Principals. These are the key factors of Ultimo's success in the international markets for many years.

Today Ultimo's office is a true reflection of its creative and innovative nature, transparency with clear and unlimited vision, and the ability to expand without borders. One would immediately take notice of these qualities at the first visit to our office and the very first meeting with the Ultimo team.


Ultimo was established in 1973. Founded by Ayse Yarsuvat, operated in partnership with Leyla Erözenci as one of the first Buying Office concept in Turkey, at a time when the rise of Turkish exports was just beginning.

The demand of a Scandinavian buyer to find a legal solution for the quality dispute he had with his Turkish supplier was handled by Yarsuvat Law Office. This dispute initiated the founders of Ultimo to establish the Buying Office in 1973. Assisting the client to settle this claim led the founders of Ultimo to understand the importance of and the need to focus on "quality" as the main core of supply business. Throughout Ultimo's history,

fitness to required standards
quality of service and product
innovation and expertise

have formed the basis of its services.

Throughout the years of hard and dedicated work, Ultimo developed a thorough knowledge of the local industry, economical influences, and full understanding of the international business environment.


Ultimo's motto "Your Eye Where You Buy" explains our service mentality for our Principals, as their very own office extended to where the local production is.

Our vision is to maintain the availability of the Turkish production at the disposal of interested parties by proactively ensuring precision, perfection, quality, accuracy and speed. Ultimo believes in the necessity of compliance with social and ethical codes of conduct and environmental issues.

Ultimo gives utmost importance to achieve quality of service, and to assure quality of the product as "fitness to use" and compliance with set requirements.

TURKEY is a resourceful market to buy from, due to its:

abundance of raw materials
huge potential of skilled and unskilled work force
officially supported industrial growth
highly developed technical know-how and abilities
traditionally adopted behavior of flexibility
willingness to improve
experience and knowledge of export markets
ability to provide quick response
facilitated supply chain management systems
service minded operations

The Turkish industries producing for the export markets has been well recognized for their:

short lead time and quick delivery terms
quality standardization
flexibility and cooperation
reliability in international transactions
awareness of the value of "design input" and creative capability

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